Photography: Norbert Kähler "Herbstwinkel"

Sustainable consumption or production - the effect is what's important. That's why "Eco Fashion for Economic Concerns of Today" (E.F.E.C.T.) evolved. Every company and project that enables or promotes the sustainability of fashion and lifestyle is a step into the future. Our goal is to connect and support these efforts, to see the needs of these visionaries and fulfill them.

When the world was in need of a trade show for eco fashion and lifestyle with strict guidelines, we gave you THEKEY.TO. Since then several trade shows and events for eco fashion have come to life. To connect and enforce the different platforms and events during the Berlin Fashion Week we initiated the ECO-FASHION-DAYS-SHUTTLES in cooperation with TOYOTA.
In order to keep knowledge up and running amongst designers and producers we've founded THEKEY.TO ACADEMY. It's been started as an additional knowledge platform to our trade show and will soon be online as well.
Agents specialized in sustainable fashion and lifestyle products are rare. So we founded FAIR AGENTS to represent and distribute selected international eco brands on the German speaking market.
For friends and customers who want to discover the latest eco product and meet its maker, we present SCOOP in a cool Berlin-style atmosphere.

So what's next? Do you have an idea how to encourage and aid sustainable visionaries but you don't have the resources to pull it off? Maybe we do. Just DROP BY and together we'll find a way to make your ideas happen the green way.