THEKEY.TO was successfully launched in July 2009. It began with the vision of an international team of interdisciplinary professionals who decided to give birth to the first international event for green fashion, sustainable lifestyle and culture in Berlin.

THEKEY.TO brings together twice a year, the most innovative and contemporary brands of the international green fashion and design scene, brands at the leading edge in terms of successfully merging style and a responsible approach.

Aside from its increasing, fine selection of brands, it also hosts a growing list of side events within its intense cultural program. However, it must be said that THEKEY.TO is more than just an event, but a platform for sustainability – facilitating the exchange of inspiration, ideas, information, culture and spontaneous networking, with expert workshops and forums with international guest speakers.

THEKEY.TO aims at spreading the signal for the shift towards an era where coolness and a strong sense for quality and responsibility are naturally interlinked and maintaining this momentum. The only way is UP!


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Frans Prins engages himself since his studies in Humanistics with human rights and sustainability. Over the last years he founded the Grass Routes Foundation, organized workshops and events around sustainability, visited organic cotton and fair trade projects in Europe, Turkey, Kenya and Uganda and became an expert in sustainable fashion. With his experience in international project development and creative campaigns for NGO’s he takes care for an innovative, visionary and consequent development of THEKEY.TO.

Architect Gereon Pilz van der Grinten and Designer Rostislav Komitov are founders and executives of the design agency fairactivities. The agency designs and realizes sustainable fair concepts, fair architecture and fair presentations. Gereon Pilz van der Grinten has developed fair architecture in the fashion business for several years and over the last years he mainly worked with sustainable brands. He is head agent of green fashion brands like Komodo, Itsus, Po-Zu and Ethlethic. With his long experience in the fair business and with architecture projects he’s in charge of the fair’s architecture and financial management of THEKEY.TO.


The office team of THEKEY.TO is young, engaged and international. Every day a fresh, organic meal is cooked and the topic of sustainability is all around. Our THEKEY.TO crew speaks: German, English, French, Portuguese, Dutch and Swedish.