DRESSADDICT by Artem & Viktor
Kiew / Ukraine

The new unique brand of the modern intellectual clothes was designed on the territory of Ukraine in summer, 2012. Artem Gryshchenko & Victor Victorov creative duet of the Ukrainian designers are its founders and inspirers. The designers managed to create the brand's formula thanks to the numerous experiments with forms, cuts and fabrics. DRESSADDICT by Artem & Victor mean freedom, simplicity and space together with laconic cuts and high-quality jersey. 
In their work the designers  are guided by our consumer's high standards because our consumers highly appreciate the unique features of our items that do not require any additional accessories. Each item is worked out from the real fabrics. The designers prefer and favor the noble one-color fabrics of the Italian producers. The DRESSADDICT collections present unique complete sets consisting of 4-5 items each of which can be worn separately. As to their activity the designers say: "We are very pleased to create the clothes for everyday life as it's our dress that can be worn by during the most part of their lifetime and we do all our best for our consumers to feel themselves both very comfortable and unique at the same time.