Columbia-Halle (C-Halle)

Columbia-Halle inside

Columbia Halle
Columbiadamm 13
Airport Berlin Tempelhof
10965 Berlin

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Getting there

The walls of the Columbia-Halle look back at a rich history.

Built in 1951 in Berlin during the post war period, the so-called Columbia-Halle together with the Columbia Theatre as block of buildings were used by the US-Air-Force as leisure area

Since then, the troops had at their disposal a spacious sports hall and a 400-seat cinema. After the departure of the victorious powers the Columbia theatre and the hall were assigned to the Berlin upper direction of finances and therefore to the Berliners. In February 1998 the newly rebuilt Columbia Hall opens as a venue with up to 3500 seats. At the same time the former Columbia theatre launches as the first Radio Club Berlin in cooperation with the station Radio Fritz.

Therewith the history of an unmistakable and distinguished culture institution is renewed, which has preserved until today its firm presence in Berlin’s cultural scene.

The Columbia-Halle will be specially refashioned for the 4th edition of THEKEY.TO into CONSPIRACY HALL. There are 2500 square meters of space available.

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