Past Editions


Image: Nic Oswald

Under the motto ACCELERATION and the heat of the summer sun, THEKEY.TO held its third edition at the beautiful and centrally located venue, Postbahnhof in Berlin.

The controversial motto was selected to provoke a new perspective on green products – with confidence in the progress of the green movement, and a desire to encourage the idea that it “has the power now to move into a mode of ACCELERATION towards a merging with the mainstream”. The general idea of the green movement – to slow down consumption in order to live more sustainably was juxtaposed with the necessity for growth and a faster pace to increase knowledge and acceptance of these ideals into the mainstream.

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Not only was ACCELERATION applied to discussion around the green movement, but also to the development of the event itself. This edition saw the unveiling of a new area along side the existing Magazine and Bakery, called the Gallery showcasing sustainable lifestyle design products. Other major expansions to the event’s program included the inaugural Fashion Show, a 6 day sustainable fashion business training program, called The Academy and a public-focused area called the Supershop, attracting sustainable shoppers, information-seekers and DIY workshoppers.

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As with previous editions, THEKEY.TO showed its continued support for art in the field of sustainability. But, for this first time this edition, one such artwork was chosen to feature as the key visual for the event campaign. “Back to the Futurama”, the thought-provoking work from New York artist Jeremy Dean, featuring a Hummer converted to be drawn by horses, was selected to the theme.

THEKEY.TO proudly presented an amazing international selection of brands, including the already established through to the promising new comers, each with their complete collections, distinct styles and stories.

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Alongside the brands, THEKEY.TO also showed its support for young, up and coming designers by presenting the four winning outfits from of the ‘Ready to Green’ competition, in collaboration with online platform, Dawanda.

By the end of the 3 day event, THEKEY.TO had welcomed a great variety of visitors, including international press, buyers from a variety of department stores and boutiques from within Germany and all over the world. The Netherlands, Greece, Switzerland, France, Austria, Sweden, Czech Republic, the UK and even as far as Japan. Visitors from major international brands showed a clear interest in developments in the area of sustainability.

All in all, only after a year since opening the first edition, THEKEY.TO has made great progress, proving that it is a strong engine for change and ACCELERATION!

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Photo: Thomas Sälze


THEKEY.TO SHIFT was the motto and leitmotif of the second edition, which opened at its exciting, new location in Kreuzberg, Berlin – Magazin in der Heeresbäckerei on the 21st through to the 23rd of January, 2010. This motto was about spreading the signal of optimism, and the idea that we already are in the middle of a transformation towards an era where coolness and a sense for quality and responsibility are naturally interlinked. This link was visible throughout the event, from the sustainable architecture through to the selection of sustainable brands presented.

A stronger focus was placed on presenting more chic and sophisticated brands alongside the casual and streetwear brands to prove that stylish eco fashion is indeed possible. THEKEY.TO SHIFT presented more than 50 International sustainable brands, among them Van Markoviec (The Netherlands/Poland), Knowledge Cotton Apparel (Denmark), Studio Jux (The Netherlands), Milch (Austria), Itsus (Canada), Banuq (Italy), Komodo and People Tree (UK) as well as a strong selection of upcoming Berlin based brands, including Slowmo, Jovoo, Pamoyo, and Isabell de Hillerin.

Aside from the amazing array of brands, THEKEY.TO proudly hosted the Swedish Institute with the show Eco Chic – Towards Sustainable Swedish Fashion. The exhibition highlighted a selection of leading edge Swedish designers who took an environmentally-friendly and ethical approach to their work, without renouncing to style.

At the closing of the event, an increase of 30% in the number of visitors (3000 among industry professionals, press and public) and a high attendance at the conference and workshop program, by both trade and the public, from Germany and abroad, proved that the people received the signaled idea of SHIFT, loud and clear.

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YOU´RE IN OR YOU´RE OUT was the provocative motto of THEKEY.TO for its launch in July 2009. This is the way THEKEY.TO presented itself in the arena of the European Fashion Fairs providing the first and unique platform in Berlin entirely dedicated to sustainable fashion. It was message to the fashion industry: there’s no other option but to become sustainable.

Highlighting 50 of the edgiest and most contemporary brands of the international green scene and providing an open forum for  the interchange of  visions THEKEY.TO positioned itself as the platform for the encounter and merge of the international fashion and green community.

THEKEY.TO welcomed Renate Künast, leader of the German Green Party and a strong advocate for a more sustainable agriculture, as it’s first Patroness.

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