The enchantment of what is forbidden contrary to the possible first impression, the conspiracy concept should spotlight collective struggle for one aim against the majority.

It is about resistance, courage, loyalty towards fellow colleagues and to the shared aim. It is also about willingness to renounce. On the other hand this 4th edition plays with the attraction of crossing the borders, subculture and subversiveness.

We cannot assume that the world will simply turn for the better. Just as little as we can count on the grey majority of the population to develop some day enough ethical and ecological awareness.

So we appeal to your braveness and your will to stand for the good things, overthrow politics and assume responsibility as a member of a global, sustainable, rational consumer group.

To achieve this we must join forces and organize a conspiracy and dispread the good in a Trojan horse of beauty.

Remain faithful to your values and exhaust all your possibilities in doing so!

By gathering together we achieve presence. In this sense, THEKEY.TO should be the meeting place for all sharing the same aim and for those who are about to join us.

Conspire to inspire_
_to integrate networks
_to feel and act as an entity
_to change the fashion world
_to change your life

Somehow Fashion is always a desire for another world. But we do not dream, we conspire to inspire. Together we form the change.

Frans, Fredericke, Gereon, Katharina, Kerstin, Linda, Michael, Norbert and many more.