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Photo: Sebastian Pötter



20 – 22 JANUARY, 2011

Thursday: 10am-8pm Professionals Only
Friday: 10am-8pm Professionals Only
Saturday: 10am-6pm
Professionals & Public Day
Public Visitor Ticket: 5,00 Euro

Online registration is now closed. Please register on location at the Columbiahalle. We’re looking forward to your visit.

Service Charge for professionals of 5,- Euros will payable on entry to the fair (cash only).
(3 days entry, program, brandbook, wardrobe)

Getting there


As an official member of the Berlin Fashion Week which biannually brings over 120.000 international fashion professionals from all parts of the world into the capital.
Trade experts, visitors and exhibitors, are drawn to the fair from near and far. In addition to the usual strong presence from Germany, two thirds of the labels presented at THEKEY.TO come from abroad; including from France, Italy, Netherlands, Great Britain, Austria, Switzerland, Paraguay and Brazil
amongst others. Among the trade visitors are especially many English, Dutch, Austrian and
French present, but also representatives from India, the U.S. and Japan will spare no effort to be convinced of the growing platform.

To provide the growing platform the optimum representation in shape and space, THEKEY.TO divided the exhibition into style- and category-oriented sections. AND we are happy to announce the launch of two great new areas this season: THE NURSERY and THE KITCHEN.


THE MAGAZINE – metropolitan wear

Established brands presenting an refined and sophisticated, yet urban collection with a strong
focus on a high quality level – suited just to meet the demands of modern metropolitan life. They
impress with a fresh style and attention to detail.
The area offers elegant atmosphere and brings along the option of a larger exhibit space.

THE BAKERY – urban wear

Young brands offering casual and “crunchy” fresh leisurewear up to streetwear. Here is the opportunity
to discover the new designers, insider-tips and innovators of the future.
The area here is very much based on the current culture and modern art scene in Berlin, and gives
the brands space for their creative presentation ideas.

THE KITCHEN – eco-classics

The major founding fathers of the Green movement, that initiated the thought of sustainability and
ensure the warranty ever since. They persistently enforced their style and fundamental principles
against the conventional mainstream – And driven the vortex of the wave!

THE NURSERY – kids wear

Young, fresh, practical and at the same absolutely harmless and safe. This is aimed at making
clothes for children. If this implies a design which is distinctive and adjusted to the demands of
the grown-ups, one can only grab a hold of it. Because good taste does not stop with parenthood.

THE GALLERY – accessories &lifestyle

This area is dedicated to the best on progressive eco-lifestyle, accessories, shoes and personal
knick-knacks. For fashion does not live on clothes alone! Renounced from the traditional stand
structure we offer avant-garde exhibition opportunities in midst an interactive fair park.

Our Exhibitors have to match the following criterias for sustainable fashion and design.

See the brands of  July 2010, THEKEY.TO ACCELERATION  HERE.